Hair Transplantation Methods

Dr. Tsilosani uses best hair transplant techniques that meet high world standards of modern hair transplantation. We select the right hair restoration method for each patient to fit their individual needs and ensure the highest quality, maximum comfort and the best results.

Dr. Tsilosani is the world class expert in hair restoration. His personal experience in hair transplantation is more than 22 years and he has performed more than 11 000 success procedures.
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Transplant methods:

FUE Esthetic Immediate results FUT Combination method Long hair transplantation

Follicular Unit Excision

Painless method of transplantation which leaves no linear scars in donor area

This seamless method is praised for the minimal invasiveness and lack of post-operative care. Each graft is extracted and transplanted individually. Extensive experience and pin-point accuracy of the doctor provides an aesthetic and natural look that lasts forever in only 3-4 hours


No linear scaring can be regarded to be the main advantage of FUE method.
Hair can be taken from any part of the body (for example, from a beard) if the scalp does not have the necessary amount of donor hair.
There is no recovery period: once the procedure is over, the patient calmly returns to their everyday life: engaging in sports, going to work, meeting friends.
FUE Non-Shave
Esthetic Follicular Unit Excision

Painless method of transplantation which leaves no linear scars or any post-operative signs

The new aesthetic FUE method does not require shaving of the head in the donor area. Hairs length is shortened and transplanted individually.

FUE non-shave is a work-intensive procedure requiring extreme precision and accuracy. Due to Dr. A. Tsilosani’s effective methods, a recovery period is not required. The patient returns to his usual normal life immediately after the procedure.

FUT Long Hair
Immediate results

The newest method that gives a jaw-dropping effect

The original hair length of grafts is maintained. Therefore, the result is visible immediately after the procedure – there is no need to wait for hair growth anymore! Right after the transplant, you can go to a meeting with your co-workers, a family lunch or a friend reunion.


Immediate results
High survivability of grafts
No bondages or signs of intervention

Dr. A. Tsilosani is one of very few people in the world who has the experience and skills to proceed this technique with the highest success

Follicular Unit transplantation / STRIP

The golden standard method of hair restoration

The STRIP method gives the opportunity to obtain grafts without shaving the head. In this technique, a small strip of skin is harvested from the donor area. The procedure is comfortable and completely painless, during which you can read a book, watch a film, speak on the phone, etc. Dr. Tsilsoani uses trichophytic closure, so nothing is visible in the donor area even with a short haircut.


The hair density of the donor area is not affected
Opportunity to transplant a very large number of grafts
No need for shaving or shortening the hair
Transplantation of grafts with highest quality
Combination method

Combining the benefits of both FUT and FUE in a single procedure

This method, pioneered by Dr. Tsilosani, is used when there is a need for transplantation of large quantities of hair. It shortens the overall time of the procedure and makes it much more comfortable for the patient.


Transplantation of large quantity of hair in a single procedure
Opportunity to transplant hair from multiple different donor areas (scalp, beard, body)
Decrease the risk of trauma to the grafts and scalp due to combination of the methods during large scale procedures
FUE Long Hair
Long hair transplantation

Seamless technique with a jaw-dropping effect – hairstyle immediately after the procedure!

No shaving, incisions and linear scars. In this method, Dr. Tsilosani individually selects hair follicular units and transplants them maintaining the original hair length. The result is visible immediately after the procedure, so after the transplant you can go back to your normal activities, but now with a completely different image


A new hairstyle in only 3-4 hours
Minimally invasive method
No linear scars or post-operative signs
Are you sure that you know exactly how many grafts you need?
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