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Hair restoration from the world-renowned specialist Dr. Akaki Tsilosani
22 years
of experience
in hair restoration
11 265
happy patients in 15 countries
world records in hair transplantation
quality standards
The procedure is conducted by a multiple award-winning doctor using the newest technologies and methods
No Pain
and no postoperative care
Local anesthesia, minimal invasive methods, no swelling. Return to your daily activities immediately after the surgery.
Graft Counter
in your hands
You can be confident about the exact number of grafts transplanted. The graft counter is placed in the patient’s hands during the procedure.

A bit about The Doctor

Highest Standards of Hair Restoration

A.Tsilosani MD, PhD is a world-class expert with more than 20 years of experience who has brought happiness to nearly 12 000 people. He is a Faculty of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, Fellow of  International Society of Hair Transplant Surgery (FISHRS), Faculty and Member of World FUE Institute, Board of Governor at Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AAHRS), Member of Georgian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (GeoPRAS). Dr. Tsilosani is a specialist of the highest level, the author of 42 scientific manuscripts and publications, holder of two world records and six patents in the field of hair restoration.

Restore Your Hair Forever

Dr. Tsilosani uses only the most recent and absolutely painless techniques of hair restoration, which ensure survivability and growth of 95-100% of transplanted grafts! In order to conduct hair restoration with modern techniques, a doctor is required to have a great deal of precision, experience, knowledge, and must be able to use the newest technologies. When these criteria are met, the restored hair will grow forever. Even though the final results depend primarily on the number of transplanted grafts, only the expertise of the doctor can guarantee that this result will persist for the rest of one’s life.

Every patient gets written guarantee that the transplanted hair will grow for the rest of the life. If you don’t get the exact results, that are guaranteed in written agreement, so you can claim for a full refund.

International medical and scientific associations of which Dr. Tsilosani is part of:

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons
American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
Georgian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons

Only Modern Techniques

The newest and the strongest technologies of hair restoration are now available. There is no need to make a compromise if you want get really good looking results. Make your hair happen!

Dr. Tsilosani uses efficient and effective methods that utilize modern scientific breakthroughs and achievements to make permanent hair restore and bring patient confidence, happiness and beauty. Modern hair transplantation is minimally invasive, trauma-less, painless and comfortable procedure which is carried out under local anesthesia. Call us now

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  • About procedure
  • Technology advantages
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  • About procedure
  • Technology advantages
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  • About procedure
  • Technology advantages
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Our Methods

Painless method which leaves no linear scars at donor area. Each and every follicular unit is extracted and transplanted individually.
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Esthetic method that lets the patient maintain his natural hair length. Minimally noticeable and comfortable procedure
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Transplantation of hair with natural length. The results are visible immediately after the surgery. No need to wait to witness your new hairstyle.
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The gold standard of hair transplantation. Technique that transplants the highest quality grafts under the most comfortable circumstances without the need to shave the head.
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Taking the best of both methods and manifesting them into a single procedure. Ideal for transplantation of large quantities.
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Minimally invasive technique that leaves a jaw-dropping effect instead of scars and post-operative signs. Witness your long hair immediately after the procedure.
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Real Reviews

Reviews – real stories of our happy patients. Experience and emotions that our patients can’t hide after they had their hair restored.

34 years, 2000 Grafts

At a certain moment, hair loss became too noticeable – I saw a completely different person in the mirror, more than 5 years older than me. The problem was annoying and prevented me from living to the fullest, as I was constantly thinking about how I looked.

The therapy did not help, the hair could not be restored, so the decision to transplant the hair was made. In total 2000 grafts (not 4000, as assured in other clinics) completely solved the problem!

First, it feels like a miracle, then you remember your old self as if it was not even you!

Thanks to Dr. Tsilosani! A real professional and a lover of his business, who knows exactly how to deliver a perfect result. Thank you for transplanting extra 500 grafts I insisted on, it really didn’t 't turn out to be necessary, the hair looks wonderful!

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30 years, 2500 Grafts

At first, the hair loss was not really noticeable, but over time it intensified, and my appearance started to really bother me. Hair loss was uneven, baldness was on the sides, and no hair was falling out in the crown.

This situation was completely unsuitable, so it was necessary to take urgent measures. Therapy was not even considered, as in my case hair loss was genetic.

Initially, the hair transplant was intimidating me with its complexity and pain, but after I got to see Dr. Tsilosani my opinion changed. The hair transplantation has long stepped forward, and Professor Tsilosani is the person who impeccably owns the best technologies, and even has his own inventions! Including unique anesthesia, which was my savior as I was so scared of the pain during and after the strip hair transplantation. Dr. Akaki Tsilosani is a real master of his business and simply a man who treats the patient with kindness and affection.

I am immensely grateful to him for the beautiful result and complete transformation of my hairstyle, which was accomplished by transplantation of 2500 grafts.

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27 years, 3000 Grafts

I never expected to face a hair loss problem at the age of 27, and not just a small problem, but very noticeable - hair loss occurred, on the front, the top, and in the crown area. I used to think this happens to men in their 40s, and here I am losing hair in my 20s!

But it turns out that it’s not uncommon at all. My appearance did not simply bother me, it pretty much throw me into a depression. I went to a trichologist who honestly said that in my case only hair transplant would bring me my old look. The doctor advised me to do a hair restoration procedure with Dr. Akaki Tsilosani who is well known in American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

I met him and found out that he also had lost his hair at a relatively young age. All my doubts about the procedure dissipated after my acquaintance with Dr. Tsilosani and his work. I understood my delicate problem with the help of a man who himself dealt with this problem at a young age. So, I put all my hope in the hands of a man who knows how difficult it is to live with this problem.

I went into the procedure with zero doubt in Dr. Tsilosani. After four hours in a comfortable and friendly environment, I started a new life! Dr. Tilosani truly has golden hands! I got a result that exceeded all my expectations! I recommend to those who have faced the same problem as I have to contact Dr. Akaki Tsilosani as he is the man who will help you.

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45 years, 2500 grafts

Hair transplantation was not a spontaneous decision. It took me two years of research and unsuccessful therapy to finally understand that other methods of hair loss treatment are simply infective and won’t give me desirable results. I desperately wanted to bring my old hairstyle back, I did not accept the fact that it completely changed due to the hair loss. If I only knew how simple and fast it is, I would have gotten a hair transplantation procedure two years ago.

Dr. Tsilosani, who was recommended by my trichologist, is a world-class professional. This fact was important. The expertise of the doctor and the recommendations gave me confidence in him. During the consultation, Dr. Tsilosani told me about the newest technique of “Long Hair Transplantation”, which allows you to see your result at the end of the procedure without having to wait for a whole year. You exit the procedure and you have a new hairstyle not only for a few years but for the whole life! No need for bandages or post-operative care. You can just comb your hair and go do your everyday activities. I liked the idea, why wait until the hair grows out when you can assess the doctors work immediately after the procedure. Dr. Tsilosani recommended 2500 grafts.

The procedure turned out to be extremely comfortable. In a calm environment, I was speaking with the doctor and his colleagues during the operation. Just four hours later, my life changed completely. I never imagined that everything could be so amazing!

How did I feel after the procedure? It’s difficult to express! The feeling of great happiness and the sensation of something extraordinary when you look into the mirror, and when face-ID on your smartphone does not recognize this new person. So many emotions and energy, the result exceeded all my expectations.

I am utterly grateful for Dr. Akaki Tsilosani, a professional of the highest level, for conducting a true miracle for me.

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Questions and concerns Patients

Is it painful?
The easy and painless procedure does not require any preparation. Local anesthesia patented by Dr. Tsilosani prevents swelling, pain, and discomfort.
Is it long and unpleasant?
Comfortable procedure is done in 3-4 hours, during which you can talk on the phone, watch the film on a tablet if necessary leave the office for a brake and have a cup of tea or coffee with no unpleasant feelings.
Transplantation of fewer grafts than I paid for
Graft counter, which shows exactly how many grafts are transplanted will be in your hands wile procedure.
Choi implanters are better
Artificial devices will never give the same quality of grafting as the professional hands of a surgeon with the experience of 22 years. Each zone of scalp requires a unique angle of graft implantation, which is done with extreme accuracy and precision.
Is it expensive?
Dr. Tsilosani’s methods give a life-long result, without additional hair loss of the implanted grafts. Hair restoration gives self-confidence, creates a younger and healthier image, helps to achieve success in work and personal life. If you divide the cost of the procedure by years of life with a beautiful hairstyle, it will be a very affordable amount.
How long is the healing process?
The unique procedures of Dr. Tsilosani are minimally traumatic and provide rapid healing. The traces in the form of small dots disappear in less than a week. Immediately after the procedure, you can return to normal life.
In other clinics, the same surgeries are cheaper
If you see cheap price for serious surgery so that can mean certain unpleasant things. In some other clinics the graft prices are low, but the real number of transplanted grafts is greatly overestimated and is not actually counted (and they don’t give graft counter to patients). The donor area is completely destroyed and the transplanted hair may fall out again. The hairline looks unnatural giving a puppet head effect. Swelling, pain, discomfort, and long-term rehabilitation is a common occurrence. Low quality always costs cheap. The patient's health and image might be at risk.
Will there be scars of visible marks?
Dr. Tsilosani's technology eliminates any visible post-operative traces. Minimally invasive procedures guarantee fast healing with no visible marks.
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